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5 top tips to help you learn web development

If you want to learn web development here are 5 top tips to help you achieve your goals:

1. Master One Language

One of the biggest problems when trying to learn something new is trying to learn too much at once or just learning a bit of everything. I would recommend mastering one language at a time, if you want to get into web development you should start learning HTML & CSS. This alone will take you a while to master, when you can write perfect code fluently you know you are on your way to being a web development guru!

What makes a good web developer is the ability to troubleshoot errors. If you have made a mistake in your code, you need to know where the issue is and how to fix it. This can take some time to master and is usually comes down to practice and experience.

2. Learn From Others

One of the best ways to learn anything is from learning from someone else. If you can sit down with an experienced web developer you should be able to fix up lots of tips, tricks and guidance. But be careful, web developers can develop shortcuts and bad practices so try and ensure you only take what you need and don't learn how to code badly!

3. Free Tutorials

The internet has pretty much everything you need freely available for you to start learning web development. Here are a few good places to start with:


4. Don't Cheat

A big mistake when trying to learn HTML & CSS is cheating, what I mean by this is using templates that have already been made that you simply make a few changes to. You will learn so much more if you try and do everything yourself. Even if you think it seems impossible, take your time, have patience and you will get there!

5. Start A Project

The best way to put what you have learnt is to create something! Why not make a personal website for yourself or offer out your services for free, by creating a real life project you will be faced with challenges that you can test your newly found skills!

Good luck!

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