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5 reasons you should not build a website with Wordpress

Wordpress seems to be the number one choice for most new websites as a CMS platform, there are thousands of readily available themes ready to customise and load onto your website, this all sounds great right? Well I don't think so and here's why:

1. Wordpress Security Issues

I've had countless emails from potential clients asking me if I can fix their hacked Wordpress website, although there are lots of security fixes available it seems that the standard Wordpress install is vulnerable to attack. If you're a DIY website builder you may lack the experience or skills to put in place the security required and if you're relying on a professional to sort this for you and you'll be none the wiser anyway!

2. Themes

My god I hate themes! A whole industry has been built on the creation of Wordpress themes, I hate the thought of just picking something off the shelf and trying to make it fit your design or business, that's not how design should work, you should not be limited to the features available in a theme, you should have full freedom to design whatever you like and build this from scratch.

Building from scratch sounds more time consuming and expensive, well sometimes it can be however here at Cloud we've developed an amazing CMS system which means we can convert almost any design into a fully functioning website within a few hours!

3. Usability

Most customers that I work with will admit there are not that IT savvy and the find the thought of managing their own website terrifying! Now give someone in such situation a Wordpress dashboard and it's enough to put them off for life! The whole process of managing a website should be much easier surely!

4. Just because..

There are far better solutions out there! Most cheap web design companies tend to favour Wordpress purely because it allows them to quickly dish out templated websites without any need for any real design. We offer the same kind of affordable web design however in a pay monthly website model, the key difference is although our prices are very reasonable all our design is bespoke.

5. Speed

My god Wordpress is so slow!

So you've read this post and realised you're one of the most unfortunate people whose stuck with a Wordpress website, don't panic! You may be asking what's the alternative? Well I will have to be biased and firstly say a bespoke CMS is the best route and what we use. There are lots of other options and to be honest if you do choose Wordpress and it's all setup correctly and managed effectively it can work just fine however the biggest problem is most websites are not managed very well and if it requires constant updates and mainteance to avoid being hacked is it really worth the hassle?

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