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Top web design trends for 2020

Web design has always been a blend of the visual versus functionality, and 2020 is undoubtedly seeing some exciting new trends emerge onto our screens. From innovative upgrades on existing designs to sleek new interfaces, here are the top five web design trends for 2020.

Ultra Minimalism With Oversized Typography

Stripped bare styles offer plenty of room to open up a page and give the reader some space. Combined with oversized typography, the minimalist angle offers more impactful writing and statement pieces, while increasing browseability and speed for mobiles, too. It also offers up more space for images and video, catering to short attention spans. Hidden navigation panels also offer an increased focus on the images and text on the page.

Integrating The AI 

AI will continuously be developing web design throughout 2020, adapting to the user experience based on factors from location to previous preferences. The most apparent feature seen today is the ever more intelligent chatbot, which often features at the forefront of websites. The improved replies offer an interactive experience, something we might see with voice searches on websites. Voice search technology is always striving to improve pronunciation and accent understanding to create a more user-guided experience.

3D Imagery And Interaction

With creation costs decreasing, 3D imagery has gradually made its way into website design and branding. 3D models create a more interactive element to web design, making the site infinitely more memorable and offering much more engaging customer experience. Increasingly improved technology will also improve loading times and make 3D modelling more accessible. 

Layered Or Asymmetrical Design

Layered or asymmetrical layouts offer something different for the user. The final step before 3D design, layered or asymmetrical elements can add depth to your website. Combining floating images or text with shadows can mimic the 3D style without creating a full-blown model, which might help with loading times too. Asymmetrical design can achieve the same effect by creating contrasting shapes and designs that move away from the more structured website design and offer a more appealing visual display.

Mixing Art With Images

Many sites now combine artwork in the form of annotations or full-blown artistic images, alongside photography and oversized text, to create truly unique designs to represent their brand. The combination makes for a customized experience to engage the viewer, mainly when elements of the illustration join with the photograph to create added complexity. Blurring the illusion of reality can be used to develop more creative and impactful web designs.

Futuristic Designs

Neon elements like hot pink or vibrant purple will see an increase in 2020. Combining clashing colour pairings with isometric images to create a 3D effect can make the text jump off the screen, adding layers from the colour of the text alone. These are often combined with either an asymmetric or floating element layout to create a futuristic, memorable effect which is currently on the rise in web design.

Which web design trend do you think will be most successful this 2020? If you see a web design solution here that you think might be useful for your business, get in touch, and we can help you find the best web design to meet your business needs.

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