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How To Get More Leads From Your Website

A website is essential for running a business, but it doesn't do you any good if it doesn't generate leads. You may want your website to generate instant leads through e-commerce sales, or you may want it to generate follow up leads, phone calls, or physical location visits.

Most people think that generating more website leads means a complete redesign and rebuild. There are other simple tactics you should try first to boost your website's effectiveness before considering a complete overhaul.   

Conversion Audit

Even if your website was professionally designed and looks appealing, it may not be designed to generate leads. Having a conversion audit done by someone who specializes in website lead generation will be worth the small expense.

Identifying the problems with your website and fixing them before undergoing a marketing campaign will keep you from wasting money on advertising. You will also create a strong base to funnel sales to your business.

Call Tracking

If your goal is to generate phone calls, then you should consolidate each traffic source to landing pages with unique phone numbers. Using call tracking means you will be able to see clearly what sources are worth the investment and which ones are not working. You can program each individual number to route through the main phone number, so even though you will be able to see which number generated the lead, you won't have to rework how you handle the volume of calls. Usually, call tracking systems also allow you to record phone calls to make sure the sales are not being lost after the lead is generated.

Track Scrolling and Clicking

Using software to track where website visitors are scrolling and clicking will let you know what parts of your website are working and where adjustments need to be made. Repositioning important offers away from dead zones will help boost your sales. If you use the software, it will also allow you to test different call-to-action locations to know which one works the best. The insight into customers' viewing habits will allow you to design an efficient website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics data allows you to see what is driving traffic to your website. If you are funneling money into conversation tactics that are not producing results, then you are just throwing money away. Knowing where your traffic comes from allows you to focus your budget where it can do the most good.

Live Chat

Another great tool to have at your disposal is a live chat option. This is not only a good option for websites trying to generate more e-commerce sales, but can also be a boon to websites of any kind. A live chat option allows customers to gain immediate answers to their questions, which makes it more likely for them to act.

Exit Pop-ups

No matter how you market your business, getting traffic to your site is not going to be free. Time and effort to set up SEO and social media marketing strategies essentially put a dollar amount on every person who comes to your website. Most of the time, when a visitor leaves your site, they will not come back. Having a pop-up offer before they leave spurs them into action.

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