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How the mobile revolution has changed our lives and what it means to your business right now

You will hear us constantly talking about mobile this, mobile that and there are good reasons for it! Put bluntly if you're serious about your website and it's not mobile ready then you need a wake up call!

It's time to stop sitting back and waiting for everything to be ok, mobile is here and it's not going anywhere, in fact the probability is you're reading this on your mobile right now.

So let's go back a few steps. When I started building websites over 10 years ago, Adobe Flash was the bomb! Having animated funky websites was where it was at, then Apple dropped the bomb with lack of support for Flash on iOS devices and the world almost ended, but we didn't even think about mobiles then as the only thing we were worried about was our funky cases on the Nokia 3210. Back then we thought England winning a World Cup was more likely than us browsing a website on a mobile device!

And so the mobile revolution began and slowly but surely it changed the way we live our daily lives, constantly connected to our mobile, caring for it like a child of our own. We rely on it to get us to where we need to be, to order our food and to stay connected with friends on Facebook.

Anyway how does this relate to your website and how important is it right now? Well if you value your business and I'm sure you do, you want the best website for your budget right? If your website is not mobile ready right now you could be losing out in a big way.

Earlier this year Google started to penalise websites that are not mobile ready, so if a user searches for a phrase on their mobile device and your website is not mobile friendly it may not be listed or would be pushed down the pecking order. It makes perfect sense though, if a mobile user is looking for a website and you present them with a horrific experience then this makes Google look bad! Google doesn't like that.

You can easily check if your website is mobile friendly by using the free Google tool here.

So what is the solution you ask? It's should be obvious by now, get a mobile ready website! You will hear the term responsive website design, this is the perfect solution to cover mobile friendliness as your one website will automatically change the way it looks depending on the device you are viewing it on, hoorah!

We provide bespoke affordable web design packages that are 100% mobile friendly. So if you aren't mobile ready, take that leap now, go on, your website deserves it.

And if you are already a customer of ours and we shamefully have built you a non mobile friendly website pre mobile friendly revolution we apologise! Let us upgrade you!

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