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What Do You Need To Build a Successful Website?
Now you have decided that you need a website there are some things to consider.
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The Web Design Process Periodic Table
Here is an infographic to help you understand the basics of the web design process. A clent that understands this can appreciate what happens at every stage. It will all be clear when a process can easily change direction, allowing the client to communicate more knowledgeably with the web agency. The more you know, the more it makes sense.
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Domain Name Registration
This infographic helps explain domain name registration and alot of other interesting facts relating to the domain name industry.
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Common Errors When Designing a Website
Here is an infographic to highlight the common errors committed when designing and building a website. Avoid doing these mistakes and your website could hit the number one spot!
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Web Design Trends of 2015
Web Design has evolved. Here is an infographic from Spiral Click that could help you keep up to date and with the latest trend when designing your website.

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